What is Healthier Lafayette County?

Healthier Lafayette County (HLC) is a reinstatement of our long-term commitments to our community in that we will continue to: 

  1. Protect and invest in our community’s health infrastructure responsibly.
  2. Advance and increase the services we offer in accordance with community needs and driven by data.
  3. Strive to be the region’s preferred healthcare employer, investing in our team’s skills development.
  4. Deliver the highest quality of care and service to all those we serve.

Each of the four components of HLC are not new initiatives; however, we recognize that our community may not always make the connection to what they hear and read about to our commitments as they are defined above.  In 2021, everything we do, the decisions we make about the hospital facility’s future, new services and providers, our community programs, and how we train, support, and protect the safety and wellbeing of our staff can be traced back to the framework of the Healthier Lafayette County initiative.

With all we do, we are committed to increasing and enhancing our communication with our community.  We know that MHLC, our operations, the complexities of delivering care, especially in a pandemic, may not be top of mind in your household; however, we want you to know that your health and wellbeing, that of your children and future generations are our priority 365/24/7, as it should be.


Why the new URL?

With the launch of Healthier Lafayette County, we’ve taken on a new website address.
You can still find us at memorialhospitaloflafayettecounty.org, and you can visit us at HealthierLC.org.

Healthier Lafayette County is All of Us—Together.

A healthy community is not achieved by one thing or through the efforts of a sole organization. 

The healthiest rural communities in the United States have strong relationships and coalitions with community partners and stakeholders.  In Lafayette County, MHLC is fortunate to have strong bonds with our Public Health Department and The Manor, our community’s long-term skilled care facility.

With the formation of the new Lafayette County EMS, we will now be working to build a high-performing ambulance service, building on the foundation and commitments of volunteer first responders who’ve bravely served in the past.

Although MHLC will lead HLC, it is driven with the vision to engage a wide range of community stakeholders, including more coordinated efforts with our schools, faith-based organizations, local business, and those who have ideas to help every person in Lafayette County have access to the services they need to survive and thrive. 

Let's Get Healthier!

Walk with a Doc

This MHLC Champion-led group is a fun and safe place to go for a walk, learn how to improve your health and how we can all work together to achieve a Healthier Lafayette County!

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