Personal Interests

Dr. Stormont is married to his wife Emily, and he has two children, James and Isabelle. He enjoys spending his free time with them, hiking and doing outdoor activities. As a family, they support all Wisconsin sports teams as Dr. Stormont is a huge Packer, Badger, Brewer, and Bucks fan.

Medical Interests

Dr. Stormont’s special interests include urinary problems, issues related to prostate enlargement or BPH, erectile dysfunction or ED, kidney stones, low testosterone, and urologic cancers. Most of these issues can be addressed without surgical intervention. If treatment progresses to surgery, Dr. Stormont provides the most up-to-date, minimally invasive treatment options.

Urinary Issues

Medical Philosophy

Urologic problems affect millions of people in the United States. Many patients do not seek medical treatment and feel this is a problem they must deal with alone. Dr. Stormont believes it is his responsibility to provide information and support to his patients. He works with patients and families to help them select a treatment that is right for their lifestyle. He encourages patients to seek care as the vast majority of these problems are treatable and can be addressed in a stepwise, non-invasive fashion that improves quality of life.


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