Education & Background

Graduate School:  University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Board Certified: Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Emily believes that we must develop an awareness of the forces that influence us in order to affect change in our lives. She has experience working with adults, adolescents and children in order to understand the systems and experiences that impact them. Emily supports her clients in utilizing their strengths and uncovering strategies that will promote growth and well-being. She feels strongly that all people deserve access to mental health services in a space that feels safe and free of judgment.  Emily draws on a variety of strategies including mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, social problem solving and creative strategies based on the needs and preferences of her clients.


Now More Than Ever Mental Health Matters

The health of the body and mind are closely linked.   In order to promote wellness, it’s important to care for both.

We recognize mental health is essential for society, family and individual health.   That is why this fall we will be bringing on a Licensed Clinic Social Worker in our Primary Care Clinic of Darlington.

Impact on Society

The Licensed Clinical Social Worker can impact society powerfully and in may different ways.   Here are just a few examples of the impact a Licensed Clinical Social Worker can have on their community.

  • Increase in student graduation rate
  • Decrease in juvenile crime rate
  • Decrease in domestic violence rates
  • Increased emotional wellbeing of teachers and students
  • Increased efficiency of Social Service agencies they manage
  • Large positive impacts on community due to public policy studies

Impact on the Family

The Licensed Clinical Social Worker can help families in many different ways.  They can help families to create child safety plans to keep children within the household.  A Social Worker might provide the missing insight so that a child might finally blossom at school relieving stress in the family.   A Social Worker can help a couple resolve their grievances and find a second chance for their marriage.   These are just a handful of the ways a Licensed Clinical Social Worker can have an immense impact on the quality of life for families.

Impact on the Individual

In the context of mental health counseling, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker can have a huge impact on the individual.   During the course of their treatment a client can begin to understand, resolve and heal from incredible traumas they have experience during their lives.   The Licensed Clinical Social Worker can help be an advocate for a child who has severe behavioral problems in  school.   With the help of the LCSW, the child can begin to express their needs in a healthy way and receive the attention they need to succeed academically.   The impact on the individual can be profound when they work with a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.


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