Announcing the new name for Memorial Hospital of Lafayette County

Memorial Hospital of Lafayette County (MHLC) today reveals its new name: Lafayette Hospital + Clinics. The launch of Lafayette Hospital + Clinics aims to capture the health system’s dedication to compassionate, patient-centered healthcare to the region in which it serves. The name will take effect at the grand opening of their new location in January of 2025.


MHLC has been the heart of community care since it started in 1952. Since then, its evolved into a leading healthcare provider with a network of clinics and services staffed by community members that meet each patient with a holistic approach. As the only county-owned hospital in the state of Wisconsin, Lafayette Hospital + Clinics is meant to showcase the hospital’s offerings to the communities under its care.


“We wanted to honor the communities we serve when we unite our hospital and clinics under one brand,” says Kathy Kuepers, CEO at MHLC. “When people hear Lafayette Hospital + Clinics, they will know exactly where it is and that they will receive the best care in the region.”


In addition to the new name and location, MHLC will also receive a new look. The updated brand is keeping MHLC’s signature blue while expanding the palette to include vibrant colors that signal Lafayette Hospital + Clinics’ direction as a modern health system that brings innovative and expert care to Lafayette County and southwestern Wisconsin.


The construction of Lafayette Hospital + Clinics is expected to be completed November 2024, with an official launch happening at the start of the New Year. The 81,000 square-foot facility will include a space for behavioral health and mindfulness sessions.


You can keep track of the progress of the new facility by clicking here.

Memorial Hospital of Lafayette County