Memorial Healthcare Foundation

Mission Statement:

To promote and support MH LC through the endowment of new and existing services, scholarships, and capital improvements.

The history of the MHF:

Memorial Hospital has been actively serving the Lafayette County community with high quality healthcare since 1952. However, in 1983, the State of Wisconsin mandated that the hospital upgrade its surgical faciities and expand its emergency room space, though sufficient funding was not available. The community responded by forming the Memorial Healthcare Foundation> This new volunteer organization immediately set to work and raised the money to cover the project. Since that time, the Memorial Healthcare Foundation has always been there in times of need.

Memorial Hospital remains a vitally strong financial business, supplying crucial medical services and jobs to our rural region. However, just as larger equally successful metropolitan hospitals require their community’s financial help, Memorial Hospital can’t do it all alone. Technological advancements, expansions and updates of the physical structure, and ongoing staff training and recruitement, all require additional funding and community support to keep our facility current, vibrant, and fully functional.

Today, as in 1952, thanks in part to the Memorial Healthcare Foundation and to its valuable donors and volunteers like you, we have a state of the art hospital facility with quality staff, providing compassionate care..and we have it here, where we need it, …close to home!

The Foundation’s Board of Directors are a volunteer body of interested individuals representing various parts of the county. They are consumers, providers, and various businesses within the community. The Board serves with a wide range of knowledge on health care, business, financial & legal matters, as well as general knowledge of the community.

There are 21 seats on the Board. The seats rotate on a three year basis with a mandatory 1 year retirement after 2 consecutive full terms.

List of Programs:

  • Scholarships: Awards are given to post secondary school students planning careers in healthcare fields including nursing, laboratory, respiratory, radiology, physical therapy, physician, physician assistant, and many more. The purpose of this program is to encourage and support the caregivers.
  • Grants: Funding is available by application to support the efforts of our current healthcare workers to obtain training to maintain and advance their skills. Adequate funding is not always otherwise available. By supporting these individuals we not only help support services but encourage recruitment and longevity of our current hospital care givers.
  • Community Outreach: The Memorial Healthcare Foundation holds as one of its functions to maintain a healthy community support of Memorial Hospital of Lafayette County. This requires two way communication with the citizens of the county and maintenance of a volunteer body to be called upon in times of special need.

Special Programs of the MHF:

Story of Success!

  • 2003 Capital Campaign: raised over $1 million to renovate the Birthing Suite, Emergency Department, Surgical Suite, Medical & Surgical Ward, and to create a six chair Dialysis Unit.
  • 1998 Clinic Campaign: raised $50,000 to provide equipment for the physical therapy and the rehabilitation department making it possible for Memorial Hospital to run full Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Clinics as well as improving routine services.
  • 1993 CT Scanner: raised $60,000 that pays for construction of the new CT Scanner room which brings this high technology medical imaging into the hospital, making it available for the first time 24 hrs a day.
  • 1983 ER & Surgery: raised $500,000 to successfully complete the project to renovate these areas according to state mandates.
  • Grants and Career Development: Multiple Scholarships are awarded to students throughout the years to help pay for education expenses.